#Fast4Yemen & #YemenCantWait

Calling all students, activists, individuals:

National Fast for Yemen

On Thursday, April 11, fast from sunrise to sunset in solidarity with the people of Yemen. Together, we will abstain from food and water to call attention to the millions of Yemenis facing starvation, thirst, disease, and political violence.



April 11, 2019


Pledge to fast on this website (SCROLL DOWN).

Abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset in solidarity with the millions of Yemenis facing thirst and starvation.


“Share a meal” with a Yemeni by donating the equivalent of your fast-breaking meal to one of the reliable charities provided on our website.


Share a video pledging to fast on April 11 with our filter.

Use the hashtags: #Fast4Yemen and #YemenCantWait.

Spread this website and call upon others to fast with us.


Follow our Instagram @fast4yemen.

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Engage in this national moment to keep the momentum going.

Let us create peace, together.


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Number of pledges: 584 (updated April 10, 11:11pm)

Hundreds of students, activists, individuals fasting in solidarity. The world will feel this moment of solidarity.

Let’s bring awareness to Yemen’s cause. Let’s fast for Yemen.


Check out the organizations from around the country that are sponsoring the fast.